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The farm was made up of 4.5 Ha of cultivated and 55Ha of barren land in the year 1979/80. Since then the farm has been developed using the new scientific techniques in conjunction with the age-old concepts of mixed crop farming. New and scientific techniques like the use of Sprinklers for irrigation are used in the farm to recreate the climatic conditions prevailing in the rainy season. These scientific methods coupled with older water harvesting methods help in water conservation to a very large extent.

The sloppy terrains of the plantation are covered with Cashewnut trees and about 46 Ha of barren land has been converted to one with thick vegetation by planting economically profitable fruit bearing trees / plants, spices and medicinal herbs from the year 1979. This process of planting more trees helps in preventing the erosion of land as well as in generating green foliage used in preparing compost. The farm which was earlier providing employment opportunities of 2120 man days and an annual turnover of Rs. 3,50,000/- is now providing 6000 man days of employment and has a turnover of Rs. 56,00,000/- only in farm sector.

The farm is used to dissipate knowledge about the different spices and their medicinal values to the foreign as well as local visitors who since time immemorial are visiting India in search of spices and trading with Indians in different varieties of spices. The visitors are given both theoretical as well as practical information about the different uses of spices both in normal diet as well as in the treatment of common diseases. The farm also serves as a nodal place for the farmers and students to carry out different experiments and research for which no fees are charged.

Note : Our Spice Farm is also nominated for the prestigious Annual DRV International Environmental award 2005.This International environmental prize “Tourism and Environment” of the association of German travel agents and tours operators is awarded to conservation projects which are closely related to Tourism.
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