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Besides the guided tour in the Spice plantation, Sahakari Spice Farm offers its guests other modes of entertainment, some of which they can opt to avail of.

* FOLK DANCES Traditional Dances such as Fugdi, Jagor and Dhalo are performed by lady workers and children from the farm. These dances are performed in the premises of the farm itself and are filled with colour and excitement.

* SWINGING IN BETWEEN TREES During the tour, the guests are given a demonstration on how to climb the tall Bettle-nut palms and then the art of swinging from these palms is shown. Any guest willing to try out this feat is given an opportunity, which brings about a lot of fun and excitement.

* ELEPHANT WASHING AND RIDING Added attraction to Spice Farm are three Elephants, male, female and baby. Separate arrangements are made for Washing and Riding.
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